PlayClips are pre-recorded video reactions, overlaid on top of actual games. In other words, youtubers’ reactions shown in gameplay videos are now part of the game, while the fan is playing.

PlayClips merges two separate gaming experiences (consumers playing games, and fans watching influencers play games) to a new medium where influencers and fans engage into playing together.

PlayClips empowers your games with influencers’ engagement

PlayClips partners with top celebrities & youtubers that bring their fans to play your game WITH them. PlayClips campaigns deliver game developers distribution and engagement.

  • The integration of influencer IP drives mass distribution. For free-to-play games we deliver up to 7 digit quality installs or sign-ups.
  • In-game influencer-fan engagement increases retention and conversion rates. We deliver over 35% increase in user retention.

We partner with developers of mobile and browser games both large and small. We are open to publishing, distribution and investment deal structures.

Case Study


The campaign
  • Free-to-play casual game
  • Launched in 17 markets
  • Campaign covering 33 youtubers, small to large
Distribution results
  • Average 15% view-to-install rate
  • 3 million installs
  • Overall nr. 1 app store ranking in 16/17 markets (Android / iOS)
Engagement results
  • 12 million gameplay sessions
  • 35% increase in user retention

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