Spons.org is a network where brands support creators, and where creators endorse brands.

From Virgil and Maecenas to Leonardo da Vinci and the Medici, patronage is as old as history itself. More recently, corporate sponsorship equals patronage plus sales. 15 years after his retirement, Nike still sells more than $3 billion worth of Air Jordan shoes, every year.

Spons.org builds a positive connection between the game and a large list of creators. Our unique endorsement format is designed for performance. Your ROI is our business.

Spons.org empowers your games with creators’ endorsement

Spons.org partners with top creators to promote your game. Spons.org campaigns build branding, delivered as performance.

  • Sponsored shoutouts link into a conversion funnel to deliver quality installs at scale. We recommend Spons.org campaigns for 5-7 digit installs in a short time frame.
  • Influencer marketing without endorsement is not more than banners or pre-rolls. Spons.org campaigns build brand connection throughout all phases of user acquisition: from the video shoutout over the install into the important retention phase.

We partner with developers of mobile and browser games both large and small. We are open to publishing, distribution and investment deal structures.

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