Successful PlaySales market test

23 Jun 2017, in PlaySales

PlaySales is a no-brainer, as an indie game developer you get paid money for youtubers to play and promote your game.

Brainseed Factory’s Bilal Chbib

Playcom has successfully concluded a first market test of its new PlaySales platform. PlaySales pushes the boundaries of influencer marketing for PC games, by actually paying developers up front.

PC gaming is on the rise, but games supply is rapidly outpacing games demand. Whereas before game studios focused on great content, and published via controlled distribution channels, today it is as important to invest in distribution as it is to invest in development. Indie studios have neither the budget nor the knowledge to scale up profitable influencer campaigns, and we have solved that problem.

Ed Pearce, sales manager at PlayCom

The first market test with Brainseed Factory’s game Typoman, published on Roosterteeth’s successful YouTube channel Funhaus yielded CPM results above expectations. PlayCom is now partnering with both PC game studios and YouTube channels and networks to scale up this new business.