Hunting indie games at Game Connection

13 Oct 2017, in Events

Next November 1st to 3rd it will be that time of the year again. The B2B conference Game Connection Europe is celebrated in the shadow of the consumer oriented Paris Games Week.

Game Connection is significantly smaller than its bigger cousins Gamescom (Europe) and GDC (America), yet it is specifically interesting because of two aspects. First of all it attracts a large amount of Indie Developers, which in bigger conferences are difficult to track and connect with. Secondly the conference is very much built around having meetings and closing deals.

At PlayCom I spend a lot of my time dealing with indie developers for PC games. Game Connection is a perfect opportunity to get a feel of the market, and to bring home business. In the industry the conference is know as "the deal making event". I could not agree more with that definition.

Ed Pearce, sales manager at PlayCom

Our sales team will be present at the event with a booth. We are looking to meet indie developers for both PC and mobile. Contact us at to explore how we can grow your game with influencer marketing.