We are PlayCom

We believe that the games industry will merge into a new medium for youtubers and streamers to play with their fans. We build new business and technology on the crossover of WATCH and PLAY.

PLAYCOM IS PERFORMANCE. Like any other channel, influencer marketing should deliver measurable results at scale. Our campaign formats build a deep connection between the creator and the game. We deliver distribution and engagement that can be directly linked to business KPI’s. Your ROI is our business.


Our unique Spons.org endorsement format does not require any product development. A positive connection between the creator and your game builds strong branding, delivered as performance. We recommend Spons.org for publishers running 5 digits test campaigns or 6-7 digits market sweeps.


Influencer marketing is strongest when integrated into the game. PlayClips brings youtuber-fan engagement inside the game while playing. Youtubers’ reactions shown in gameplay videos are now part of the game, while the fan is playing. We recommend PlayClips for publishers running 6-8 digits volume campaigns with demanding retention KPI’s.

  • About us

    PlayCom is founded by serial entrepreneurs with a successful track record in building affiliate networks and online marketplaces. Our team is native in 7 languages with offices in Madrid (HQ), Barcelona and Berlin. We have our head high in the clouds and our feet firmly on the ground.

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Contact us here for any business, press or investment enquiries. We are always open for new business!